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Classic themes
Modern media.

Rising Phoenix Publishing

Rising Phoenix Publishing focuses on bring old school sensibilities to modern media. We are a publishing company whose goal is to give a classic sense of adventure, action, fun and even a bit of romance to gaming, comics and books.

Rising Phoenix Publishing is a division of Rising Phoenix Enterprises LLc.


The Origins of Empire of the Undying Sun

Empire of the Undying Sun first saw life as a one shot for a few members of preexisting gaming group.


World Building

After the one shot players had many questions about the world and the decision to build a campaign guide was made. During this time the lore and history of Empire of the Undying Sun was laid down.


Testing Begins

The first few levels of content go into alpha and the first test group begins to play.  The first art pieces are comissioned.


The Year that Shall not be Named

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Game testing stopped while the plague kept everyone in their homes. Writing on levels and map work begins.


Progresses Marches On

Game testing resumes, writing continues, new player class designed.

2022 - 2023

New Beginnings

More rewrites and the second test group begins playing online. More art from Peter Gilmore and Rod Luper arrives. 

Master TTRPG writer and former Gary Gaygax employee, Bil Selvey aka The Dungeon Delver, writes three modules (available in late 2024 or 2025) that exist in the Empire of the Undying Sun world


Empire of the Undying Sun Campaign launch

After years of work and testing the Empire of the Undying Sun campaign guide is going live on Kickstarter, and this website launches.