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Empire of the Undying Sun

Empire of the Undying Sun is a horror themed campaign guide, compatible with the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rule set.

A world long plagued by war faces a return of ancient conflict that shook the world. The gods now marshal their forces choosing heroes who can protect the iniquities of the current world or bring back the horrors of the old.

Empire of the Undying Sun is a horror campaign with the feel of original D&D, compatible with 5th Edition.

Kickstarter starts in September 2024. Signup for the mailing list to get a free adventure module Fairy Hill.

This campaign guide includes the following:

  • Hex and Dungeon crawls
  • Wargaming Rules
  • Talent trees
  • A new character class
  • Rules for the Dream Realm
  • Astronomical system
  • Swashbuckling adventure
  • Explore deserts, jungles and lost ruins
  • New monsters, items and more!