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The World of the Empire of the Undying Sun

The world is ancient, its origins long since fading into the recesses of time. Ancient empires and upstart nations jockey for power and control. Some of the old gods remain in the wilds, while whispers of new gods permeate secret neighborhoods in cities. None of them are prepared for the ancient terrors coming.

The Empire of the Undying Sun

The first know mention of the Empire of the Undying Sun is from a fragment of text from a ten thousand years old stone tablet. It is described on the stone as ancient even then. The Empire has been ruled by an unbroken succession since that time.

The Empire is arguably the wealthiest nation in the world with most of the world’s trade in gems, spices and exotic materials, including people, pass through the capital, Firfaralas. It’s position at the end of four of the largest rivers in the eastern continent, and the closest city to the western continent result in its wealth.

Although formally ruled by Emperor Tlatoctiliztli Acapitzactli First of his Name, Slayer of Hippos, Progenitor to Hundreds and Savior to the Empire, he is more interested in degenerate pleasures than the day to day running of the realm. The real social cohesion of the empire is held together by the Priory of the Ram. The Priory ruthlessly enforces the singular worship of the Black Ram, an ancient god who promises knowledge from beyond the stars. A current scandal that left the previous Prior “missing.”

Although the Empire of the Undying Sun continues down the river of history, big changes threaten to bubble to the surface.

The Western League

The Western League is relative new comer on the world stage. Starting over eight hundred years ago when three countries on the western continent banded together for mutual defense.  From that time on they led campaign after campaign of conquest bringing every other nation under heel. When the dust had settled the League banned slavery, outlawed human sacrifice and the using of body parts in magic. In order to promote stability they enacted regulations on the lifestyles of

Part of the League’s success was bringing ini the Zealots of Twilight. The Zealots were a small group dedicated to eliminating arcane magic from the world.  In exchange for aiding the League in combat, the Zealots were given free reign to comb the league and deal with arcane practitioners as they will. The exception for this are licensed mages who are certified with

In the Western League the main pantheon of gods are from the original three countries. After annexing new lands the League added their gods into their pantheon, under the condition their worship complies with national laws. There are thousands of gods and spirits worshiped in the league.

The Western League conquered the whole of the western continent around a hundred years ago with the exception of remote pockets of land. One of those pockets is the southern most point in the League, now called South Bay.

South Bay

The town now known as South Bay was originally the home of isolationist elves.  They lived simple lives in the their forests and sea, worshiping local spirits out of sight of others. The Western League conquered the land eighty years ago in a bloody campaign. Since that time they have surpassed uprising after uprising in order to maintain control.

The League has opened up South Bay to trading and does not require the usual government approvals to conduct business. This has lead to a rush of people streaming into South Bay trying to make their fortunes. People from all over the League and foreign nations have come leaving old rivalries to simmer under the surface. Was there a reason elves kept others away?

South Bay