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Early tabletop roleplaying games got their start with Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren’s Chainmail. With this system players could simulate historical battles in a “what if.” Scenario. Eventually what became Dungeons and Dragons was an attempt to break out individual units from their armies and go on adventures looking to discover treasure and defeat monsters while their armies had down times. This became Dungeons and Dragons.

Very few tabletop roleplaying games acknowledge wargaming much less has mechanics for it. 

Empire of the Undying Sun brings wargaming back. As players rise in level they’ll gain followers and the ability to control NPC units. This will start as a single unit here and there and eventually evolve into military units who act semi-autonomously to achieve your goals.  These units can be used to attack and occupy areas the party will travel to or defend against the attacks of other armies.

This system is meant to supplement roleplaying an individual character.  Players have the option to play the wargaming aspect or have battles play out in the background.